04. May 2021

8 Common False Computer Tropes In Hollywood

8 Common Computer Tropes That Need to Die

Even with most Hollywood producers carrying an iPhone loaded with Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, and Clubhouse, movies and T.V. still show a lot of flashy technology that is not used and may never be used. In this article I describe some of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed in Hollywood.

Overall, it’s not atrocious. Most movies do it right. But some myths still slip through.


17. March 2021

3 Common Mistakes You're Making with Software Projects (And How to Fix Them)

People Smiling

I can’t wait to see my program crash!

You probably have never said this to yourself or in a meeting with your colleagues. But actions can speak otherwise. There are 3 common mistakes most projects make that can spell disaster for the project and the team.

In this article I walk through these mistakes you or your team are making in developing and deploying projects, as well as provide the antidote to these mistakes.

Whether you’re going solo or on a team, read on if you find your projects fail.


23. January 2021

How to Property Set up Python Logging with a Command Line Program

Boy With Trumpet as Log.debug and stderr

I promise you that the above meme will make sense by the end of the article. Just bear with me.

While logging should not be used as a replacement for debugging or unit testing, it’s vital to incorporate logging to notify if something is going wrong.

Novice Python programmers (or veteran Python programmers) may be a bit frustrated configuring logging for a command line application. Unfortunately, while Python’s logging module is highly configuragle, this power comes at the cost of clarity.

In this article I describe how to properly set up logging in a Python command line interface (or CLI), so that we can set up a industry-ready command line program.