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The Problem With Our Brains (and the Web)

We are a species whose brains like limited information. [Study] ( after study has proven that when given a lot of information our brains are overwhelmed. This has driven content designers of websites to display selected bits of information on pages without showing everything. You wouldn’t have a link to every user profile on Reddit while reading an article, but they do provide links to user profiles who have commented on the article.

And if you truly want all the links displayed? Well, that’s what site maps are for.

Many times, though, UX designers simply hide links through menus, or (worse yet), cover links with other elements. If you use a JavaScript blocker (which I recommend to everyone, for both security and privacy), you know what I’m talking about.

The Solution

My solution is a Firefox extension called LinkList. For the currently active page it displays all links on the page, and even provides a text field to allow you to search for a given link.

I created this because of my frustration with searching for a job. At a local company page I’d look for the “Careers” or “Jobs” page which may or may not be at the footer. Instead of wasting 3 seconds scrolling to the bottom and another 3 seconds scanning the footer links I can simply look in the sidebar and look for “Careers.” If it exists, great! If not, look elsewhere.

ListLink can be downloaded from the Firefox Add-On page here.

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