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Hi, I'm Jordan, also known as The SrcRr

A few non-specific facts about me:

  • Northwest Native
  • I possess a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • I think as a hobby.
  • Always looking for opportunities for humor.
  • I'm active and love to work out.
  • But I also love food, so I'm in a constant state of conflict.

As a proud multipotentialite (that's a person that's skilled in more than one area) I like to use my talents for providing services to others. That's why I've decided to showcase various products and services I hope you'll find useful.

build Software

The first time I took a programming class in high school, it was on a whim. Ever since then I've been honing the art of software development in order to provide quality results for clients.

A quick run-down of my experience:

  • Application/Full Stack development
  • BASH Scripting
  • Python
  • Automation / AI

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create Blog

As I'm beginning to freelance I'll try to write more articles.

The majority of topics covered will be technology-related, but I'm a firm believer in the fact that any practice should incorporate other practices, so you might find articles that don't seem related to technology.

In any case, my goal for the blog is to be informative, and helpful, and to provide a unique experience that you wouldn't get from any ol' geek.

Responsive Web Design in Django (Without JavaScript!)

2018-10-16 00:00:00-07:00

The Case for Non-JS Responsive Web Design

I would argue JavaScript is becoming more common with which to build websites, but seems as though it's already ruled the web as the #1 framework. As an avid NoScript user, 90% of the web is broken because most websites are designed to …

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Basic Parts of an API Request

2017-11-11 00:00:00-08:00

title: Basic Parts of an API Request

Basic Parts of an API Request

Sometimes understanding URLs and requests can be intimidating. If you're wanting to get into API programming (e.g. REST, SOAP, web [which isn't considered part of the family, but follows the same procedures]) it helps to understand …

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Escargo: The Zero-Configuration Email API

2017-11-11 00:00:00-08:00

Don't Re-Invent the Wheel


One of the principles of REST APIs is the ability to reuse common parts, starting from the ground up. Then, if one of those parts is broken, just go in, fix that part, and you're good to go.

Which is why I was a bit baffled …

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JavaScript Programming for Non-JavaScript Programmers

2017-11-11 00:00:00-08:00

No technology has divided the programming community more than JavsScript, mainly because it's the been de-facto standard for web pages since around 2012, or possibly earlier. Developers either love it or hate it. I'm in the camp that says let's do without it. But that's for another post.

From my …

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My Latest Project - LinkList Firefox Extension

2017-11-11 00:00:00-08:00

The Problem With Our Brains (and the Web)

We are a species whose brains like limited information. [Study] ( after study has proven that when given a lot of information our brains are overwhelmed. This has driven content designers of websites to …

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You Can't Write a Stage Play in ReStructuredText! (Part 1)

2017-11-04 00:00:00-07:00

You Can't Can Write a Stage Play in ReStructuredText! (Part

1 )

In this blog I'll talk about my journey in writing a StagePlay in ReStructuredText, a popular Markup text format. In this first part I'll talk about why this is important and the conversions I used in between standard stageplay …

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The Decline of Closed-Source APIs - Apistrat 2017

2017-11-03 00:00:00-07:00


What I Learned at APISTRAT 2017

This last week from October 31st to November 2nd, I had the amazing opportunity to brush up against some great innovators at some of the leading-edge companies. This event was the Open API Strategy conference, or "apistrat." (pronounced as "app-pee-strat" to frequenters).

This is …

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camera Writing With Light

Ever since I was a teenager I've always enjoyed storytelling through a single image.

Photography is a unique activity that involves physics, chemistry, technology, and even psychology to produce a shared emotional response.

Below are samples of my work. To view the full images, please go to

Steel Bridge

The park I like to go to often lends itself to a bland color palate, resulting in drab-looking photos. However, there are a few places that provide good subject matter, such as the texturing of this bridge.

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I was walking back from a wildflower hike and noticed the interesting texture on this wood. I knew it was meant to be in black and white.

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Solar Eclipse

Shot August 11th, 2017 You don't need expensive astronomy gear to capture the solar eclipse. In fact, I got a decent result with just my kit 200m lens. I applied alpha masking in the GIMP afterward to remove the extra sky.

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The Long Road

I was returning from a hike on an old logging trail, and I happen to notice how the evening sun cast long shadows on the road. The hint of dusty air also provides additional depth.

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The Color Red

I take part in a photography group. One week's assignment was "creative lighting," and one of the participants brought in a homemade lawn ornament. I knew immediately that I wanted the sun behind to play with the variation in colors. The colors were on separate spokes of a bicycle wheel, so I had to come at it from an odd angle to get the right play of colors.

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The Blossom Belssing

During a bike-riding photo session, I happened to see these cherry blossoms. I was tired and wanted to head home, but had a sudden, "ah, what the heck!" moment. I'm glad I went back, because the bright blossoms contrast nicely with the dreary backdrop.

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For one job I had I worked at an apartment complex that used these rain chains. On a particularly wet day (as is often the case in the Pacific Northwest) I had the photographer's instinct to get a shot like this. I'm glad I followed that instinct.

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Colander Alit

Another shot during the "creative lighting" venture. I asked another participant to shine a light behind this colander. To make the light visible, I sprayed a cleaning agent (because I didn't have a water bottle at the time) in front of the subject.

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While this would be a standard "clover in the sun" picture, I believe this does provide a sense of warmth to the viewer.

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Bees Work Hard

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Path and Gorge Flowers

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Oregon Trees

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There was a coffee stand just outside the apartment complex where I worked. The barista was camera shy, so I had to think creatively to capture the story I wanted to tell.

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Let us Observe

This was taken at the grotto. Most people simply taking pictures of the sights, but I wanted to capture the scale of the event. I had to carefully angle my camera just so to include all the elements.

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Fountain of Magic

When I received my neutral density filter as a gift, I knew immediately what picture I'd like to try to try first. This image does have a bit of an historical significance, as the apartment buildings in the background burned down only a few weeks later.

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sentiment_very_satisfied Satire

I believe other fellow geeks take themselves too seriously.

Instead of ooh-ing and aah-ing at the latest and greatest thing, why not make fun of it instead?

That's why I decided to start my own satire site: The Modern Modem You can visit it here:

The Modern Modem

DISCLAIMER: Please note that reading and understanding the articles requires a strong sense of humor and the uncanny ability to not get easily offended.

photo_album Graphics & Logos

Below are some of the logos and images I made myself.

The SrcRr

The SrcRr



music_note Music


I've also been experimenting with music lately.

As of now, I don't prefer any particular style. I'm sure that's going to change since I've never heard of an artist who is "unstyled."

If you're interested in hearing my music, you can hear it (and donate, if you feel so included) at

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If you are interested in using any of these services I'd love to help you.

I can be reached in the following ways:

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