18. May 2021

Using Python + GraphQL + MongoDB to Find Promising Open Source Projects on GitHub

This week I’m launching a segment called “Freedom Friday,” where I showcase a promising GitHub project that I think deserves recogntition but might have fallen underdeath your radar.

But I’m a programmer. I’m going to go about this the way a programmer would: scour StackOverflow.com to figure out why my GraphQL query won’t work.

But before and after I did that I desgined and developed a Python application to “guess” at what the promising projects were. In this blog I describe how I went about this and what I learned.

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12. May 2021

Essential Tools for Debugging Web Applications

cover image

Impress your coworkers or boss with your debugging skills!

Finding what’s wrong with desktop or mobile applications is (for the most part) a breeze. But full stack is an entirely different beast. Each part has a different protocol and structure. In this article I list some simple tools that can help you debug your application.


10. May 2021

Just One Python Minute! - Booleans and Truthiness

A new segment I’m trying out called ONE PYTHON MINUTE!

I take a minute (or 2, depending) to talk very briefly about a Python topic.

This week it’s Booleans (bool) and truthiness!

You probably already know about True and False as boolean values, and you might also know that None can be evaluated as a boolean “False.” This is a concept known as “Truthiness.”

But any type can have “Truthiness” to it. Like a list, dict, string, or number.

Take some time this week to experiment wit this concept in the Python console.

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